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Board of Trustees

​​​​​​Board of Trustees


​Board Policy​

Administrative Procedure

BP 2010 Board Membership​PDF
BP 2015 Student Member Board of Trustees​PDF
BP 2100 Board Elections​PDF
BP 2105 Election of Student Member​PDF
BP 2110 Vacancies on the Board​PDF
BP 2200 Board Duties and Responsibilities​PDF
BP 2210 Officers​PDF
BP 2220 Committees of the Board​PDF
BP 2305 Annual Organizational Meeting​PDF
BP 2310 Regular Meetings of the Board​PDF
BP 2315 Closed Sessions​PDF
BP 2320 Special and Emergency Meetings​PDF
BP 2340 Agendas​PDF
BP 2345 Public Participation at Board Meetings​PDF
BP 2350 Speakers​PDF
BP 2355 Meeting Decorum​PDF
BP 2360 Minutes​ of Board MeetingsPDF
BP 2365 Recording​ of Board MeetingsPDF
BP 2410 Board Policies and Administrative Procedures​PDFPDF
BP 2430 Delegation of Authority to CEO​PDFPDF
​BP 2431 Chancellor SelectionPDF
BP 2435 Evaluation of the Chancellor​PDF​
BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision Making​PDFPDF
BP 2710 Conflict of Interest​ for Board MembersPDF​PDF
​BP 2712 Conflict of Interest CodePDF
​BP 2714 Distribution of Tickets or PassesPDFPDF​
BP 2715 Code of Ethics for the Board of Trustees​PDF
​BP 2716 Political Activity by Board Members​PDF
​BP 2717 Personal Use of Public Resources by Board Members​PDF
​BP 2720 Communications among Board Members​PDF
BP 2725 Board Member Compensation​PDF
​BP 2730 Board Member Health BenefitsPDF
BP 2735 Board Member Travel​PDF
BP 2740 Board EducationPDF
BP 2745 Board Self Evaluation​PDF
​BP 2750 Board Member Absence from the StatePDF
BP 2900 District Student Council​PDF
BP 2901 Filing Qualification Statement for Trustee Candidate​PDF
BP 2902 Governing Board Election Procedure in Event of Tie Vote​PDF​
​BP 2904 Adjourning MotionsPDF
BP 2905 General Counsel​PDF
BP 2906 Presentation of Resolutions for Recognition Purposes​PDF​