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Board of Trustees

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Business and Fiscal Affairs​


​Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

​BP 6100 Delegation of AuthorityPDF​PDF
​BP 6150 Designation of Authorized SignaturesPDFPDF
​BP 6200 Budget Preparation PDF            PDF
​BP 6250 Budget ManagementPDFPDF
​BP 6300 Fiscal ManagementPDFPDF PDF and PDF  PDF
​BP 6310 AccountingPDFPDF
​BP 6315 WarrantsPDF​PDF
​BP 6320 InvestmentsPDFPDF
​BP 6322 Employee Indemnity BondsPDFPDF
​BP 6325 PayrollPDFPDF
​BP 6330 PurchasingPDFPDF
​BP 6340 Bids and Contracts P​D​​F​​​ ​​PD​F​
​BP 6350 Contracts Relating to ConstructionPDFPDF
BP 6370 Contracts for Independent Contractor or Professional Expert ServicesPDFPDF
​BP 6400 AuditsPDF PDF
​BP 6450 Wireless and Cellular Telephone UsePDFPDF
​BP 6500 District Real Property​PDFPDF
​BP 6520 Use and Security for District and Personal Property PDFPDF
​BP 6530 District VehiclesPDFPDF
​BP 6535 Use of District EquipmentPDFPDF
​BP 6540 Insurance and Authority to Settle Minor ClaimsPDFPDF
​BP 6550 Disposal of District PropertyPDFPDF
​BP 6600 Capital ConstructionPDFPDF
​BP 6620 Naming of Facilities and PropertiesPDFPDF
​BP 6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities UsePDFPDF
​BP 6750 Parking and TrafficPDFPDF
​BP 6800 Occupational and Workplace Safety​PDF​PDF
​BP 6850 Hazardous MaterialsPDFPDF
​BP 6900 BookstoresPDFPDF
​BP 6901 Institutional Memberships​PDF
​BP 6902 Capitalization and Inventory of District Property
​BP 6904 Debt Issuance and ManagementPDF​PDF
​BP 6910 Housing PDF​​PDF
​BP 6902 Capitalization, Depreciation, and Inventory of District Property
​BP 6950 Drug Alcohol Testing PDFPDF
​BP 6960 Identity Theft PreventionPDFPDF
​BP 6970 Environmental ResponsibilityPDF
​BP 6980 Acquiring Federal Surplus PropertyPDFPDF
​BP 6990 Removal of Barriers to the DisabledPDF