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Board of Trustees

​General Institution


​Board Policy

​Administrative Procedure

BP 3050 Code of Professional Ethics​PDFPDF
BP 3200 Accreditation​PDF​​
BP 3250 Institutional Planning​PDF​​​PDF
​BP 3300 Inspection & Copying of Public RecordsPDFPDF
​BP 3310 Records Retention and Destruction​PDFPDF​​
BP 3410 Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3435 Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints and Investigations​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3440 Service Animals​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3500 Campus Safety​PDFPDF
BP 3501 District Security and Access​PDFPDF
BP 3505 Emergency Response Plan​PDF​PDF​​
​BP 3510 Prohibition of Workplace Violence
BP 3515 Reporting of Crimes​PDFPDF
BP 3516 Registered Sex Offender​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3518 Child Abuse Reporting​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3520 Local Law Enforcement​PDFPDF
BP 3530 Weapons Prohibited on Campus​PDF​PDF​​
BP 3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus​PDF​PDF​​
​BP 3550 Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention ProgramPDF​PDF
BP 3560 Alcoholic Beverages​PDF​PDF​​
​BP 3570 Smoking and Tobacco Use
BP 3600 Auxiliary Organizations​PDFPDF
BP 3710 Securing of Copyright​PDFPDF
​BP 3720 Computer and Network Use​PDF​PDF
​BP 3722 Accessibility Standards for Electronic & Information Technology
BP 3750 Use of Copyrighted Material​PDFPDF
BP 3810 Claims Against the District​PDFPDF
BP 3900 Speech Time Place Manner​PDFPDF
​BP 3901  Electronic Information Security​PDF​PDF