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Board of Trustees

​​​​​​​​​Human Resources​


​Board Policy

Administrative Procedure

​BP 7100 Commitment to DiversityPDF
​BP 7110 Delegation of AuthorityPDFPDF
​BP 7120 Employee Recruitment and SelectionPDF​PDF, PDF, PDF​, PDF, PDF, and PDF
​BP 7125 Verification of Eligibility for EmploymentPDFPDF
BP 7126 Applicant Background and Reference ChecksPDFPDF
​BP 7130 Compensation​PDF
​BP 7140 Collective Bargaining​PDF
​BP 7150 EvaluationPDFPDF
​BP 7160 Professional DevelopmentPDFPDF
​BP 7230 Classified Employees​​PDF
​BP 7233 Work Out of ClassificationPDFPDF
​BP 7234 OvertimePDFPDF
​BP 7240 Confidential EmployeesPDFPDF
​BP 7260 Classified ManagerPDF
​BP 7270 Student AssistantsPDFPDF
​BP 7310 NepotismPDF
​BP 7330 Communicable DiseasePDFPDF
​BP 7335 Health ExaminationsPDFPDF​
​BP 7336 Certification of Freedom from TBPDFPDF
​BP 7337 FingerprintingPDFPDF
​BP 7340 Vacation and Leaves
​BP 7341 SabbaticalsPDF
​BP 7342 HolidaysPDF
​BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program​PDFPDF​
​BP 7350 ResignationsPDFPDF
BP 7360 Discipline and Dismissals Academic EmployeesPDF
​BP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal Classified EmployeesPDFPDF
​BP 7370 Political ActivityPDF​PDF
BP 7371 Personal Use of District Resources​PDF
​BP 7380 Retiree Health Benefits​PDF​PDF
​​BP 7400 TravelPDFPDF
​BP 7510 Domestic PartnersPDF
​BP 7600 College Public Safety Department​PDFPDF
​BP 7700 Whistleblower ProtectionPDF​PDF
​BP 7802 Emeritus StatusPDF
​BP 7819 Doctor's VerificationPDF
​BP 7855 Retirement ClassifiedPDF
​BP 7863 ReclassificationPDF
​BP 7864 Pre-retirement Reduced Schedule ConfidentialPDF
​BP 7885 Pre-retirement Reduced Schedule for ManagementPDF
​BP 7901 Rights of Educational Administrators to Probationary Faculty Position
​BP 7902 Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency
BP 7903 Health and Welfare Benefits​PDF​PDF
BP 7904 Industrial Accident and Illness Leave​PDF​PDF
​BP 7905 Short Term Employees
​BP 7906 Substitute Employees
​BP 7907 Management Confidential LongevityPDF