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Board of Trustees

​​Student Services


​Board Policy

​Administrative Procedure

BP 5010 Admissions and Concurrent E​nrollmentPDFPDF
BP 5015 Residence Determination​PDFPDF PDF
BP 5020 Nonresident Tuition​PDFPDF
BP 5030 Fees​PDFPDF
BP 5035 Withholding of Student Records​PDF​PDF
BP 5040 Student Records Directory Information and Privacy​PDF​PDF   PDF
BP 5050 Student Success and Support Program​PDF​PDF
BP 5052 Open Enrollment​PDFPDF
BP 5055 Enrollment Priorities​PDFPDF
​BP 5070 Attendance PDF​​PDF
BP 5110 Counseling​PDF​PDF
BP 5120 Transfer Centers​PDFPDF
BP 5130 Financial Aid​PDFPDF
BP 5140 Disabled Students Programs and Services​PDF​PDF
BP 5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services​PDF​PDF
BP 5200 Student Health Services​PDF​PDF
BP 5205 Student Accident Insurance​PDFPDF
BP 5210 Communicable Disease​PDF
​BP 5220 Shower Facilities for Students PDFPDF
BP 5400 Associated​ Student Organizations​PDF
BP 5420 Associated Students Finance​PDF​
​BP 5500 Student Code of Conduct​PDF​​​PDF
​BP 5700 Intercollegiate Athletics​PDF
​BP 5901 Athletic Event Admission FeesPDF
​BP 5902 Taking Positions on IssuesPDF
BP 5905 Student Clubs and Organizations​PDF​​​
​BP 5910 Sexual MisconductPDFPDF