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​​​Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the 28 hour per week limitation apply to short-term employees paid by categorical or grant funds?
    Employees paid with categorical funding (e.g., EOPS) are subject to the 28-hour per week limitation.  Employees paid with grant funds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If you have questions specific to a categorical program or grant, please contact your campus personnel office. 

  • Does this limitation apply to Federal Work Study Student Assistants?
    No, Federal Work Study students are classified as Student Assistants and will continue to be limited to 19 hours of work per week.  
  • Will the District outsource work formerly performed by short term personnel as a result of this process?
    The District will be assessing and prioritizing service needs throughout this process in order to determine if additional classified positions need to be identified; or if a service will be offered in a different way. 
  • If services are impacted, will there be overtime funds available?
    Potential service impacts should be identified by each manager through the spreadsheet provided.  Gap analysis will be conducted to determine if overtime dollars are needed, if additional classified staff positions are needed, or if a service reduction is warranted. 
  • Does this limitation apply to short-term personnel who are substituting for a classified staff member (e.g., due to medical leave)?
    Yes, the 28 hour limitation applies to all short-term assignments. 
  • Will campus personnel provide assistance in identifying individuals who are working in other departments/divisions/campuses?
    Yes, campus personnel will provide a list of all short-term personnel with multiple assignments to management for review. 
  • What about short-term hourly staff who are also serving in part-time faculty roles?
    The 28-hour limitation applies to all hours of service performed within the District.  Should an employee serve in both capacities, s/he would be limited to no more than 28 weekly hours between assignments.  
  • What are the consequences of non-compliance? 
    This ACA initiative requires large employers (with 50 or more full time employees plus full-time equivalents) to either offer minimum essential and affordable coverage or pay a penalty. 
  • Can we hire full-time classified employees on a temporary basis?
    The District can hire seasonal classified short-term personnel to assist service areas that have routinely "peak" times of year where additional staffing is needed. 
  • Can Student Assistants continue to start work prior to receiving board approval in order to fill gaps in employment?
    Yes, Board action prior to employment for short term personnel is a requirement specified in AB500 back in 2001.  Student Assistant assignments are not bound by this limitation. 
  • If there are corrections necessary to the lists of hourly assignments, professional experts, and short-term hourly assignments, where should we submit these corrections?
    Corrections should be submitted to your campus personnel office. 
  • Where can I learn more about ACA coverage?
    You can learn more about the law and its provisions by visiting