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Coastline College

Coastline is a distance learning and Military-friendly focused college serving students all over the United States and around the world, I don't really see how the 8-5 business hour structure works to provide students with support. As a classified union member, but also a millennial, I find the 8-5 work schedule as restricting. I want to be able to assist our students wherever, whenever. I completely understand the structure of the union contract in regards to pay on swing-schedules, but honestly, if I want to work those hours and not expect the pay, why shouldn't I be able to? As long as I'm clocking in 40 hours in 7 days, not going overtime, why shouldn't this be an option? There have been numerous studies in the private sector that have shown that flexible work schedules increase productivity. 

With RingCentral and email readily available on our smartphones, students are already able to text or call 24/7. However, also taking into consideration FERPA regulations, I understand that working remotely outside of office hours may not be feasible. But where there is a will, there is a way. 

1/8/2020 11:30 AM
Coastline College

​Our district is in desperate need of a CRM. I know this is probably understood and it comes with financial implications, but the benefits and impact on recruitment, enrollment and retention will recoup that expense. I have had discussions about CRMs with colleagues due to my experience with them, and the conversations have been solely around the use for marketing purposes. This is not the CRM we need. We need a recognized platform like Salesforce, Ellucian, etc. A CRM is imparative to sending targeted communications and tracking students through the entire lifecycle. Along with implementing a "One Stop" student model (which I believe Coastline is doing), the implementation of a CRM would be instumental to our success.

1/8/2020 11:43 AM
Coastline College

Coastline College has received calls from international students, who live outside of the United States who are interested in enrolling in general educaiton classes online. We had a student who is wishing to attend UC Berkeley enroll in the business calculus class from Austrailia. The international online students would pay the non-resident rates and would not be considered for student visas because they are not coming on the campus. At my former employer, they did have success offering online classes to foregin students online.

The other suggestion I have is to offer more online computer programming/coding courses online. Many older workers need training in coding, and Coastline could offer a robust online program to help train workers in coding/application development and programing. 

1/8/2020 11:48 AM

​Seeing as the majority of our budgets go to salaries and benefits that's where we'll need to cut or rethink how we spend.  I would suggest we think about the following:

-what elements of the colleges and district are 9 month versus 12 month operations?

-what services/functions can be streamlined? 

-what services/programs are being duplicated leading to competition amongst ourselves? For example, do we really need to offer kinesiology at both OCC and GWC?  Do all three colleges need to offer online courses or should all online courses be offered by Coastline?

-how do district positions support the colleges and the relevant college positions?  For example, do we need 4 CIOs and does the district CIO help the college CIOs and vice versa?

1/8/2020 1:19 PM

​good new programs attract good people. Esports, AR/VR, cyber, etc. We need faculty who can start great programs and give a short version free at all area high schools. We are loosing FTES on dual enrollment, programs that are future oriented and more. However we are in a great city and county but are not taking advantage of it. Look at Calbrite or Futuro Health. That's what' tomorrow's students want. 

1/8/2020 1:49 PM
Golden West College

More efficient and strategic planning of the schedule of classes. In certain areas, there's an oversaturation of CRNs that repeatedly get low enrollment yet the class is still offerred. This not only hurts the faculty loads but also incurs additional costs.

Along the same lines, increase the max overload that FT faculty can have in any semester for those who are willing to take on the additional classes or LCF factors.

1/8/2020 3:30 PM
Coastline College

​Suspend all hiring committees for new management. Coastline is management heavy and the military department is in danger of closing. No one has time or energy for hiring committees.

Don't disappoint Classified staff by focusing on management hires.

1/9/2020 3:38 PM

My feedback is about saving money on Extended Warranties.

​We spend a large amount of our tech budget on warranties every time we buy new computers.  And we buy new computers when the old warranties run out regardless of the state of the equipment.

The math just doesn't support the practice.  If 25% of the purchase price for something is warranty, but the tech has a historical failure rate of 10%, we are just throwing money away on a contingency that never happens.  

If we bought 20% more computers, every time one failed we could drop it off the roof and still come out ahead.

1/10/2020 10:01 AM
Coastline College

​Coast budget is a concern for each of us.  Each of us must share the hardship, and together we definitely will resolve the issue and/or make the situation better.

We coped with the similar situation in the past and we all got through it.  Furlough was our best option then and it will our best option now.

Best wishes to all of us!


1/10/2020 4:11 PM
Orange Coast College

​A great many hours of salary dollars (and potentially whole positions) could be saved by drastically streamlining the heavily-bureaucratic approval chains and archaic procedures related to the processing and implementation of purchasing and receiving orders, H.R. hiring and time-sheets, I.T. service requests and permissions, and other college business in which the end users (whether managers, faculty, or staff) are denied the freedom or authority to specify or carry out tasks for which they are amply trained and mentally or physically capable, but for which they are not trusted to perform.  The purchasing of equipment and supplies should not need a dozen signatures and half a semester's time to receive after previously being approved in the ARR process.  Other colleges have implemented pre-approved credit-cards and P-cards for online orders by faculty and staff over a decade ago.  Hiring and time-sheet procedures could also certainly be streamlined, especially for hourly employees.  And it is the student body's educational needs and current industry standards that should rightfully drive all technology decisions within the classrooms and labs, guided mainly by the instructional faculty who are hired for their individual expertise, rather than being unilaterally planned and controlled by a centralized I.T. office.  Overall, limiting bureaucracy and freeing the faculty up to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently is a great way to both serve students and save taxpayer dollars.

1/13/2020 12:36 PM
Orange Coast College

​I don't have a complete knowledge of how OCC and its programs are funded, so please forgive me if this suggestion is way too obvious.  My students for the past year and a half have all complained and said they wouldn't enroll another semester to OCC, in general, because there isn't anywhere to park.  As a faculty, I arrive 30 minutes early and walk .33 mile to get to my classroom, because it is the only reliable way I can get to class on time.  It seems unreasonable to expect financially strapped and working students to have the time and finances to do this (pay for 30 minutes extra childcare, etc.).  Something needs to be done about parking and I'm sure it will help our enrollment, which hopefully wil help our financial status at OCC.  Thank you for all you do to make OCC possible.  Respectfully, a part-time instructor.

1/13/2020 1:08 PM
Coastline College

New Student populations in Recovery Centers

Southern California has hundreds of recovery and treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiciton which temporarily attracts people from all over the nation to this area.  Treatment ce​nters offer Intensive Out Patient (IOP) programs for their clients who have successfully made it through detox and residential treatment.  At this phase of their recovery it would seem appropriate to reach out to them to begin planning/fixing/starting their academic futures.  To my knowledge and conversations with professionals in the recovery field, there are no current schools serving this population.

I would love to discuss this more with you. 


Julian Miller

Coasltine College, Extended Learning Division


1/16/2020 9:21 AM

The interface for enrolling as an OCC student and to access class registration is clunky and out-dated for this generation and for older leaners who want take a class.  The process should not seem so onerous and should be redesigned to be more user-friendly.

1/18/2020 12:30 PM
Orange Coast College

​To my understanding, there needs to be at least 18 students to make up for the cost of a class being offered.  As a district we may need to offer maybe less classes in some departments and save the money on the salaries/health insurance of faculty.

1/22/2020 8:09 PM
Coastline College

​Why are we contining with the hiring of the ELD dean when the program is in such decline?  Shouldn't we extend the interim dean instead of making a permanent hire?

1/28/2020 4:16 PM

​Go from a three college district to a two college district.

1/30/2020 9:04 AM
Coastline College
  • ​Reduction of Travel and Conference expenses, local conferences only or webinars
  • No catering for meetings/events
    • Lunch on your own
  • Use existing furniture when moving to new facilities
  • Allow staff to telecommute 
  • Promotional and classroom materials, digital only
1/30/2020 12:16 PM
Coastline College
If we don't already:
  • Partnering with youth sports/club teams to​ allow them to pay to rent our facilities for training, practices and/or games
  • Partnering with youth dance/performance groups to allow them to rent our facilities for events
1/30/2020 12:28 PM
Orange Coast College

​I believe that all employees have an important position to uphold and I know that all of us go the extra mile in order to achieve great results. My suggestion is to look into some of the overtime that is being charged to the CCCD books at the campus level. We should all be conscience of the overtime as well as overtime tasks, but all overtime should be examined and evaluated. Unfortunately, some that acquire overtime "bank on the overtime" and do not manage their time wisely. This mismanagement of time becomes costly, and can at times monetarily impact a department budget when attention and inventory of time is not being managed. Let's be accountable and make wise financial choices, in order to make our tax dollars count!  

2/12/2020 1:12 AM
Orange Coast College

Replacing the current hard copy triplicate Conference Authorization Request form with an online electronic form that can also be signed online by those who are in the authorization chain would save a tremendous amount of personnel time in handling, speed up the process, and free up staff to do other work if we cannot replace those retiring staff.  Faculty and others would be grateful for the quicker process. This change  doesn't need to require a complete overhaul, just someoneat the District who can create an online CAR form that can be signed by all those who need to during the approval process via email. An added benefit would be keeping faculty and others in the loop regarding the status of an application, lessening time-consuming inquiries.​

2/25/2020 5:40 PM

​The district needs to do two things.  Build efficiency and build trust.  Because of the many year of micromanaging at the district level the managers at the campuses do not feel trusted.  There is also a fear to tell those at the district the truth (a fear I share because I have not put my name on this).  This culture of micromanagmenet has been passed to the campus because of a belief that when the district is involved the President and Vice Presidents need to also be involved.  We have a manager, Dean, Vice President, Chancellor, and sometimes board doing the same work for approval of things that need to be done.  We Vice Chancellor's doing clerical functions and approving banner access for every single person.  We have Vice Presidents going though reimbursements with a fine tooth comb.  The cost of this time spent is far more than any money saved and it perpetuates the feeling of no trust.  Another issue is the constant battle over centralization vs decentralization.  We are already decentralized and we will not be able to make the costly transistion to full centralization and the campuses will fight it.  Other centralization efforts have failed like IT and Financial Aid.  The problem is these conversation are not focused out outcomes but are focused on teritory and ego.  That is why simple suggestion get shouted down and there seems to be a intention to scare those that suggest it not to dare do it again.  Another issue relates to the way that the district present changes.  As an example, I point to the hourly staff transition.  There is was a lot of selling this transisiton and politicing about it instead of an honest explanation.  I was given wrong information several times during the process and then they made it my problem.  The correct explanation would have been to plainly say that we have been out of compliance for years, we do not want the hourlies to have a claim against the district, and he campuses will have to figure out the solution to the workload because the district has not got one.  I am now pleading with the Chancellor to lead an effort to build efficiency and trust and to make it clear the micormanging is not an acceptable management approach.  There needs to be changes in all approval processes.  More should be delgated to the presidents and even fruther.  Policy development needs to be informed by expertise rather than having any random faculty, manager, and classified staff present to speak to it when they may not have any context or experience with that area.  Lastly the board needs to recognize that they are resposible for broad oversight and should focus on outcomes.  They do not need retreats or to approve anything except for the chancellor hire.  They need to get to know the expertise on the campuses and then ask questions about outcomes.  I hope this message is well recieved and understood.  I also plan to try to bring about changes through other channels as well.

2/28/2020 8:31 AM


3/6/2020 11:16 AM
Orange Coast College

Consider looking at class schedule efficiency as a mechanism to trim costs.  Over the last 5 years, it's been a wide open schedule as we run small classes, classes that are popular with faculty and develop a schedule with no budget in mind.   This will also require partnership with the Union to discuss how we might serve more students in some classes.   ​

5/29/2020 8:07 AM

​If you're going to make us all take 8-day furloughs, divide up the payroll deductions, but lump all the days off together. Like Spring Break and additional days to the holiday break. With the closure of all campuses, we'd save on overhead facilities costs. 

6/24/2020 12:30 PM

I think working from home might help with the cost 

6/24/2020 12:36 PM

​I like the idea of doing a one year freeze on the pay scale for all faculty and staff.  Nobody moves on the payscale, and nobody gets a raise for the 2020-21 academic year.  However, should the California budget turn out to NOT be the "worst case scenario" that we are currently forced to plan for, this will be made up for in the 2021-22 academic year.  This helps us with the current uncertain planning and budget crisis, and it can hopefully be just a one year "hold" that can be made up for in the future (moving 2 levels on the scale, as appropriate) when things turn out to hopefully not be so dire.  Thank you.

6/24/2020 12:37 PM
Coastline College

​In order to maintain the current number of class sections in English / Humanities at Coastline, I would volunteer a temporary cap-size increase of +5 for all sections in my program, to sunset in a year or so.  This raises FTES revenue, provides student access, and doesn't incur any add'l costs.  I realize this cap size increase would probably need to be done across the district, but it seems reasonable. 

6/24/2020 12:40 PM

​I don't know how many Coast employees receive a monthly $225 travel mileage reimbursement, but during these non-travel times, that automatic payment could be eliminated for most employees who receive it.

6/24/2020 12:49 PM
Golden West College

Discontinue the GWC Magazine and terminate the expensive multi-year contract with the vendor and subsequently hired writer to provide support for the articles.  Unnecessary and irresponsible funding since the onset!!! Terrible self-serving magazine that includes multiple ads benefitting the vendor and his personal connections. Use these funds elsewhere!​

6/24/2020 12:55 PM

Resolve the work-comp cases and decrease litigation costs.​

6/24/2020 12:56 PM
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