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​Cyber Security

2FA - ​Setting up DUO PUSH

For other 2FA options please start at: Setting up 2FA for Employees

To Start Configuring 2FA click the following link and a new tab will open for the
     Portal Guard Account Management Page []

If you are switching to Mobile Authenticator please go to: 

Application Installation

  1. Before you can utilize this OTP method you will need to install the DUO application on your device.  You can download DUO from your devices' supported software libraries:
  2. Once you have installed DUO continue to the next section "DUO PUSH Enrollment."

DUO PUSH Enrollment

  1. DUO PUSH enrollment starts with an email (shown below) sent by the Coast District through DUO.  The Email is valid for 30 days.  If you do not enroll in that validity period a Helpdesk ticket must be submitted and a new email created.  There is no direct enrollment method in Portal Guard Account Management, and if your not enrolled "Duo Push" will simple not be an option to select in the next step "Changing to Duo Push."
  2. PG - DUO OTP 2 - Enrollment Email.png

  3. Upon Clicking the Enrollment link in the Email the DUO Enrollment process will begin.  This varies slightly when enrolled on a device versus on a PC.
    • If enrollment is started on a PC you will need to take a "picture" with the DUO application to sync the DUO application.
    • If enrollment is started on a phone the duo application will open and sync as part of the setup process.
      • Please keep in mind this option if your device does not have a camera.

    PG - DUO OTP 3 - DUO Enroll Site 1.png

  4. After opening the Enrollment link in the email you will start the DUO Enrollment.  Click "Start setup" to continue.
  5. PG - DUO OTP 4 - DUO Enroll Site 2.png
  6. Select the type of device your adding Mobile Phone or Tablet.  The only difference between selecting either option, is Mobile phone will assume you have a phone number and request you to answer it for DUO related purposes, and selecting Tablet will not ask for a phone number.  Therefore, by selecting Tablet you would not have access to any Phone related DUO functions, besides DUO PUSH.  At this time Coast prefers DUO PUSH, and either selection is fine.
  7. PG - DUO OTP 5 - DUO Enroll Site 3.png

  8. [Step 5 is if you Selected Mobile Phone in the previous step, otherwise continue to Step 6!
    Enter your phone number and click the checkbox, that you have verified your phone number.  Lastly, hit Continue.
  9. PG - DUO OTP 6 - DUO Enroll Site 4.png

  10. [If you selected Tablet: this page will say "What type of tablet are you adding?" and have iPhone and Android phones as the only options.  The phone version of page shown above.
    Select your Device Type Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, then hit Continue.
  11. PG - DUO OTP 7 - DUO Enroll Site 5.png

  12. If you have already installed DUO continue to step 8, by clicking "I have Duo Mobile Installed." Otherwise, please follow the directions in the area of the page outlined by the Orange box above in your Duo enrollment page.  These directions will help you install Duo on your device.  Once installed please press "I have Duo Mobile Installed"  to continue the enrollment.
  13. PG - DUO OTP 8 - DUO Enroll Site 6.png

  14. [This step only shows if your doing your enrollment, on a computer]  On your device, go in to DUO and click the "+" icon, this will utilize your camera to scan the QR code in your enrollment.  Once the DUO app records this code, the Continue button will be able to be clicked to continue to the next step.  If your device does not have a camera, or cannot seem to scan the code in your Enrollment, you may click "Email me an activation link instead" (Orange box above), This will be covered in Step 10 below.
  15. PG - DUO OTP 10 - DUO Enroll Site 8.png 

  16. [Step 9 only shows if you selected "Mobile Phone" at the start.  If you selected tablet you should be seeing the Enrollment Successful (below)  Please continue below to Changing to DUO PUSH.]
    This Step just shows you the Device and Phone Number entered in this process.  You may click "Finish Enrollment" to continue.  Enrollment is now complete on the DUO side, but you will need to "Turn it on."  Please continue below to Changing to DUO PUSH.
  17. PG - DUO OTP 9 - DUO Enroll Site 7.png

    PG - DUO OTP 11 - DUO Enroll Site 9.png

  18. [This step is ONLY if your device is not scanning the QR Code in Step 8]  This page will Email a special link the DUO application can interpret to continue the Enrollment.  Please type in an email the device with DUO can access, and click "Send Email" and then click "Continue" once the email has been received.  Clicking the link in the email should either open in DUO, or ask which application you would like to use to open the link - Select DUO.  Enrollment is now complete!  Please continue below to Changing to DUO PUSH.

Changing to DUO PUSH

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page [].
    PG - DUO OTP 1 - Changin-to.png
  2. Once logged in click "Password Recovery and Verification Methods with One-Time Passcodes" to show your current OTP Settings.
  3. Click Change next to "Website Login."
  4. In "Change Default OTP Method" use the drop-down to select "Duo Push."
  5. Click Continue. (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
  6. On next login Duo Push will be used.