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​Cyber Security

2FA - ​Setting up E-Mail based OTP

For other 2FA options please start at: Setting up 2FA for Students

To Start Configuring 2FA click the following link and a new tab will open for the
     Portal Guard Account Management Page []

If you are switching to E-mail please go to: 

Initial E-mail Enrollment

  1. When a User is added to the 2FA policy (as of 3/30/2019) they will be asked to enroll the default OTP device on their next login.  Which device they will be prompted for is pre-configured for depending on which groups the user participates.  A previously enrolled device will not show the below screen.
    PG - Email OTP 2 - Enrollment 1.png
  2. On the above screen you will be asked to specify an E-mail address and click Continue.  
    PG - Email OTP 3 - Enrollment 2.png
  3. The E-mail address specified on Step 2 will be partially shown as the first character and domain of that E-mail address.  This E-mail address will receive an OTP valid for 10 minutes.  Type the OTP value in the E-mail in the box labeled "One Time Passcode,"  and then click Login.  Once verified, initial E-mail enrollment is now complete and on next login E-mail OTP will be used.  If you do not want E-mail to be used please follow the desired OTP method from: Setting up 2FA for Students.
  4. PG - Email OTP 4 - Enrollment 3.png
    If you see the above message please DO NOT use a district E-mail address!

E-mail Enrollment

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page [].
    PG - Email OTP 5 - Enrollment 4.png
  2. Once logged in click Recovery Email Address to show the currently registered E-mail address. 
  3. Click Change my email. (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
  4. Type in your E-mail address and hit Continue.
    PG - Email OTP 6 - Enrollment 5 v2.png
  5. A test OTP will be sent to your E-mail, please enter the OTP and click Continue.
    PG - Email OTP 7 - Enrollment 6.png
  6. If you see "Email Enrollment Successful" please click Refresh the Account Management Page and continue below to the next section "Changing to E-mail OTP."

Changing to E-mail OTP

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page [].
    PG - Email OTP 1 - Phone Change-to v2.png
  2. Once logged in click "Password Recovery and Verification Methods with One-Time Passcodes" to show your current OTP Settings.
  3. Click Change next to "Website Login."
  4. In "Change Default OTP Method" use the drop-down to select Email.
  5. Click Continue. (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
  6. On next login E-mail OTP will be used.