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​Cyber Security

2FA - ​Setting up a Mobile Authenticator OTP

For other 2FA options please start at: Setting up 2FA for Students

To Start Configuring 2FA click the following link and a new tab will open for the
Portal Guard Account Management Page

If you are switching to Mobile Authenticator please go to: 

Application Installation

  1. Before you can utilize this OTP method you will need to install a Mobile Authenticator on your device.  Currently Coast supports Google Authenticator and Portal Guard Authenticator.  For simplicity only Google Authenticator will be described below.
  2. You can download Google Authenticator from your devices' supported software libraries:
  3. Once you have installed Google Authenticator continue to the next section "Mobile Authenticator Enrollment."

Mobile Authenticator Enrollment

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page.
    PG - MobileAuth OTP 2 - Enrollment Screen 1.png
  2. Once logged in click Mobile Authenticator to show any currently registered Mobile Authenticator(s) then click "Enable mobile authenticator."   (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
    1. If you have never enrolled a Mobile Authenticator Enabled on should read "[Never]."
    2. if you see the Mobile Authenticator you would like to use, continue to Changing to Mobile Auth OTP.
    PG - MobileAuth OTP 3 - Enrollment Screen 2.png
  3. Using the Phone Type drop-down box select your phone type.  The Entry Description box is editable and can be changed to a more personally meaningful name.  This will become the description that will show on your device inside the Mobile Authenticator Application.  Then click Continue. 
  4. PG - Email OTP 7 - Enrollment 6.png
  5. A "Seed" can now be recorded into your Mobile Authenticator that will set up a "Time-based" password.  Time-based passwords change on interval.  You may want to wait until the password changes, then type it in to the One Time Passcode field and click Continue.  In Google Authenticator the "+" icon will start this process on the device side.  Then using your device's camera to "read" your QR code "seed" similar to the one shown above.
    PG - Email OTP 7 - Enrollment 6.png
  6. If you see "Mobile Authenticator Enabled Successfully" please click Refresh the Account Management Page and continue below to the next section "Changing to Mobile Authenticator OTP."

Changing to Mobile Authenticator OTP

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page.
    PG - MobileAuth OTP 1 - Changing-to GAuth.png
  2. Once logged in click "Password Recovery and Verification Methods with One-Time Passcodes" to show your current OTP Settings.
  3. Click Change next to "Website Login."
  4. In "Change Default OTP Method" use the drop-down to select Mobile Authenticator.
  5. Click Continue. (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
  6. On next login Mobile Authenticator OTP will be used.