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​Cyber Security

2FA - ​Setting up a YubiKey

For other 2FA options please start at: Setting up 2FA for Students

To Start Configuring 2FA click the following link and a new tab will open for the
     Portal Guard Account Management Page []

If you are switching to YubiKey please go to: 

Acquiring a YubiKey

  1. A YubiKey needs to be purchased prior to use.  They are availible at various online retailers.  A 4+ series YubiKey which support Time-Based OTP (TOTP) and the connectivity [USB A, USB C, NFC] you will be using for your Computer(s) and/or Device(s).  
Please note the (Blue) SECURITY line is not compatible with the Coast Colleges' use of YubiKeys.
PG - Yubikey 2 - Which Yubikey to pick.png

YubiKey Enrollment

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page.
    PG - Yubikey 3 - Enrollment 1 v2.png
  2. Once logged in click YubiKey Tokens to show any currently registered YubiKey(s) then click "Add new YubiKey."   (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)  Please put in a Name / description that will make this YubiKey identifiable.
    1. Before continuing please plug-in (if USB A or USB C) your YubiKey
    2. If Device connection will be NFC, then please go to step 3.

  3. Click in to the line you will input the One Time Passcode, then:
    1. If your plugged in to your device, hold the "Y" gold colored button on your YubiKey for approximately 2-3 seconds.
    2. If your using NFC, position your Yubikey as close to the NFC reader in your device then hold the "Y" gold colored button on your YubiKey for approximately 2-3 seconds to send it over NFC.  
      1. If no code is sent, try removing any "obstacles" between the yubikey and the device, such as cases, and try again.  
      2. If a wrong code is recieved, validate your NDEF settings.
    PG - Yubikey 4 - Enrollment 2.png
  4. When you see "YubiKey Enrollment Successfully" please click Refresh the Account Management Page.  If not automatically brought to this result, click Continue on the previous screen, and it should take you to this screen.
    PG - Yubikey 5 - Enrollment 3.png 
  5. Upon refreshing you should now see a yubikey added to the account.  Continue below to the next section "Changing to YubiKey."

Changing to YubiKey

  1. If not logged in, login to your Portal Guard Account Management Page [].
    PG - Yubikey 1 - Changing to YubiKey 1.png
  2. Once logged in click "Password Recovery and Verification Methods with One-Time Passcodes" to show your current OTP Settings.
  3. Click Change next to "Website Login."
  4. In "Change Default OTP Method" use the drop-down to select YubiKey.
  5. Click Continue. (You might be asked to re-enter your current password to make this change.)
  6. On next login YubiKey will be used.