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​​Welcome to Coast Colleges!


​​​Welcome future colleague and congratulations on seeking a new professional opportunity with the Coast Community College District. It is an exciting time to join Coast Colleges as we are growing by leaps and bounds in every facet. As we work every day to ensure the success of our diverse student population, we maintain the firm belief that the most important asset of our district is our people. Whether you will be working in a faculty or staff role, or whether you will have contact with both – you have a vital part to play in building a successful, ambitious and sustainable future for the Coast Community College District. You will find that working for Coast Colleges offers more than a job with competitive pay, great benefits and support for professional development. All three colleges located in some of the most coveted areas of Orange County offer an opportunity to experience a premier work life‐balance, deeply supported by our District. You have made the right choice with Coast Colleges and we look forward to working with you soon!​



The Coast Community College District is comprised​ of three colleges that each have a unique culture within themselves. Those unique cultures provide for an enriching experience and exciting career. Coast Colleges is the professional home to many Orange County natives who each have a distinctive connection to one of our colleges that may relate to the weekend swap meets, the award winning theatre programs or the many educational programs offered to the entire community for more than 50 years. We also serve as the professional home to talented individuals from all over the world. Our value in diversity creates an inspiring environment that allows for unique perspectives to be shared and implemented. Coast Colleges strives to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to share ideas and opinions on how to improve services and improve methods that contribute toward student success. There is a strong existing value in ensuring that the workplace is one of professionalism and respect for every person. Working at Coast Colleges is more than a job, it's an experience.


Coast Colleges provides several opportunities to interact with faculty, staff and students in order to learn about each other. Whether it's during a meet and greet to welcome a batch of new hires, campus all college days, holiday gatherings or foundation award ceremonies, there are several ways to become an active member in the community. We strive to host activities that not only allow for employees to interrelate with each other, but we strive to make available a myriad of resources and opportunities that are focused on furthering your growth as a professional and as a person. Through the Foundations, Classified and Academic Senates, and Management Associations, various scholarships and grants are offered to encourage you to take classes, teach colleagues, experience programs and engage with our students. Here at Coast Colleges we encourage you to engage in a career rooted in education and empowered through a continued path of learning.


Orange County is home for many and a unique Southern California getaway for most. Living in Orange County provides access to the most premiere shopping experiences, to sumptuous dining at top restaurants, to award-winning Broadway productions and art museums, to some of the most exclusive resorts and hotels in Orange County and just minutes to the best beaches in California. A career at Coast Colleges is more than a job, it's an experience. Come experience what we have to offer. ​