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Salary Schedules​​​​​​​​​


Schedule AA: Facu​lty 175 Day

Schedule A2: Faculty 12-Month 221 Day


Schedu​le BBPart Time Faculty


Faculty Special Rates


Schedule AJ: Administration of Justice Hourly Instructors

Schedule DG: Academic and Classified Management

Classified Management Job Titles


Schedule E0: Classified 10 Month Employees


Schedule E1: Classified 11 Month Employees

Schedule EE: Classified - 12 Month Employees

Classified Staff Classifications

Classified Staff Titles - Alpha 

Schedule ES: Classified Substitute 

Sched​ule JJ: Confidential

Schedule LL​: Executive Level

Schedule PE: Professional Experts


Schedule QQ: Counselors (195 Days)

Schedule Q2: Counselors (210 Days)

Schedule SA: Student Assistants

Schedule ST: Short Term/Temporary

Schedule SC: Professional Experts - Sailing Center

Schedule VV: Board of Trustees



Coast Colleges is an Equal Opportunity Employer