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Financial Aid


2020-2021 Estimated Cost of Atte​ndance

Please note: The table below is for Coastline Community College; for Orange Coast College and Golden West College add $28 to the tuition and fees for the additional fees.

9 Month Budget – Full Time Enrollment

                 Budget Items                                                  At Home                                               Away                                        On Campus (OCC Only)

Resident Enrollment Fee$1,288
Student Health Fee
Non-Resident Tuition$8,400
Room and Board$8,780
Books and Supplies
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$3,225
Total Resident$15,333$23,612$22,080
Total Non-Resident$22,445$30,724$29,192

Based upon an average of 14 units per semester

Non-Resident Tuition:  $300 per unit

Resident Fees: $46 per unit

Revised: 06/19/2020